Emotion Sensing

With the MOXO sensors, mPath measures people’s basic, sub-conscious, psychophysiological responses to real services and products. We can see when a child with Autism stresses approaching a swing, a customer becomes confused picking from the 30 choices of shampoo, and the exact moment when a friend becomes engaged watching a football game.

Emotion Prototyping

You can test whether a website is usable by making wire frames, but how do you know if that site, product, or store is emotionally engaging? mPath helps build quick, iterative, environments where emotions can be tested and improved. Emphasis is on setting up the right motivation (users always have to buy what they pick), pressures (can you buy the laptop in 10 minutes?), and environment (your competitors products better be on the shelf too).

Emotion Consulting

Shifting organizational structures to build that great experience is essential for successful implementation. mPath’s work is focuses more and more on helping companies understand the consequences of poor experiences and the economic opportunities they are missing by not being customer focused.

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mPath makes the Select Ten of New Design Talent

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Reinventing Retail

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