Building off of work from the MIT Media Lab, the MOXO Sensor wirelessly measures changes in people's skin conductance - a marker of sympathetic nervous system activity and physiological arousal.  When a person becomes engaged, stressed, frustrated, confused, or excited, the MOXO sensor can pick up changes. The Moxo sensor allows us to

  • Measure people's subconscious, emotional reactions.
  • Provide more accurate measurements than focus groups and surveys.
  • Provide tangible evidence for experience innovation.

The Science Behind the MOXO Sensor


The MOXO Sensor data is super accurate. So accurate, we had to reinvent how user research is done to take full advantage of the sensor data. Emototyping builds off of Functional and Visual Prototyping, bringing the emotional experience  to the center of design. By adding Emototyping to your innovation cycle, you will have a product/service that engages and excites customers. With emototyping we have helped companies make 10/10 great experiences, directly increasing sales and building customer loyalty.  Emototyping is a 3 step process:

Step 1: Emotion Sensing (3 Weeks)

With the MOXO sensor combined with ethnographic methods, we research the current emotional experience of a product or service. How does your retail space confuse or excite customers? When does a product fail to engage it's customer? With the MOXO data, we document in excruciating detail the pain points and opportunities of your product. Emotion Sensing measures real world experiences: shoppers need an actual reason to shop in store, otherwise the sensors will fail to measure genuine experiences.

Step 2: Ideation (1 Week)

Once we have an emotional map of the customer experience,  we look at how other industries address customers' unmet needs. For example, if we are looking at how to engage shoppers at a grocery store, we may look at how Disney World, the MOMA, and the Apple Store effectively engage their audiences. Together, we then brainstorm 100's of ways to address customer's pain points.

STEP 3: Rapid Building and Testing (4 WEEKs)

In the mornings we build out top solutions to the improved customer experience. In the afternoon we conduct Emotion Sensing with the MOXO sensor while people use the rapidly built products. Seldom is your first guess on customer experience correct. Based on that days research, we modify the prototype to better address customer's emotional needs. Emphasis is on efficiency so graphics and functional code are often replaced with paper prototypes. and we "Wizard of Oz" interactive features,