$25 Gift Card - Recruiting 3rd to 8th grade students to test a reading app

We are offering $25 Target gift cards for students to help us in a 1 hour study on how a reading app might engage them. At your home, we will have your child try out a new digital reading lesson and give us feedback on what they liked and didn't like about the tool. This research should help you and your child learn about how they identify as a reader and what motivates them in school. If your child is willing, we'd also like to have them wear eye tracking glasses and wear sensors that help us measure engagement. We'll be doing studies all summer long, but are starting out Wednesday, so please apply now! Please note, not all families who apply will be included in the study - but we'll try to include as many as we can.


If you have questions, please email hedman@buildempathy.com


About mPath:

mPath helps organizations understand, design, and create for children. We have worked with organizations such as the LEGO Group, Hasbro, Lowe’s Hardware, and Best Buy to look at what people really need. The founder of mPath, Dr. Elliott Hedman, originally lived in Summit County, Colorado and currently lives in Boulder. Understanding children is a difficult task; in our at home research we use scientific methods that we developed at the MIT Media Lab. We love playing and learning from children and strive to build environments where children are motivated to grow. You can find out more about us at www.buildempathy.com.