$125 - 3rd to 8th grade students, Show Us What Motivates you

We are offering $100 to families plus $25 to each participating child to help us in a 1 hour study on what engages children. For the next 12 months, mPath is researching what motivates and excites children from 3rd to 8th grade. During this time, we will be working with hundreds of children in their homes or during after school programs. We are looking to work with a diverse group of children: if your family makes less than $60,000 a year or has English as a second language, or if your child is struggling in school, we are especially interested in working with you. We will be showing children new ways of learning using paper and digital tools, and asking them to help design what learning in the future should look like. Our studies are fun and interactive for everyone involved. In our November study, we will be asking children to show us what they find fun and motivating in their home: show us how you use the computer/iPad, play with toys and video games, and what else you do for fun. In January, we will be testing new ways to teach core reading and math skills. Our studies will take 1 hour of your child’s time, and with your permission we may ask to video tape and have your child wear sensors that help show their engagement. If interested please sign up here:


About mPath:

mPath helps organizations understand, design, and create for children. We have worked with organizations such as the LEGO Group, Hasbro, Lowe’s Hardware, and Best Buy to look at what people really need. The founder of mPath, Dr. Elliott Hedman, originally lived in Summit County, Colorado and currently lives in Boulder. Understanding children is a difficult task; in our at home research we use scientific methods that we developed at the MIT Media Lab. We love playing and learning from children and strive to build environments where children are motivated to grow. You can find out more about us at www.buildempathy.com.