$25 Target Gift Card - Research Study on Games, Apps, and Learning

Hi my name is Dr. Elliott Hedman. I'm a researcher from the MIT Media Lab that researches how to engage kids while they learn and grow. Over the summer I'll be conducting multiple research studies on how to engage kids with reading and learning a new language. We also plan on doing an extensive study advising Nickelodeon on how to make their shows like Blues Clues and Bubble Guppies more educational and interactive. In order to do this research in the greater Denver area, we need help from parents like you. If you and your children might be interested in helping with a study like this please fill out the short survey below.


Our research sessions do not take more than one hour and kids receive a $25 gift card to Target for helping us out. In some sessions, when kids are willing, we ask them to wear eye tracking glasses and a sensor I helped make that can measure their emotions. Typically kids have a blast as they show us their favorite toys and help co-design future products they may use. If you have an questions, please email hedman@media.mit.edu. Thank you!

About mPath:

mPath helps organizations understand, design, and create for children. We have worked with organizations such as the LEGO Group, Hasbro, Lowe’s Hardware, and Best Buy to look at what people really need. The founder of mPath, Dr. Elliott Hedman, originally lived in Summit County, Colorado and currently lives in Boulder. Understanding children is a difficult task; in our at home research we use scientific methods that we developed at the MIT Media Lab. We love playing and learning from children and strive to build environments where children are motivated to grow. You can find out more about us at www.buildempathy.com.